Baby Gazebos

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Baby Gazebo Display
Baby Gazebo Display Baby Gazebo Display Baby Gazebo Display
Product ID: Baby Gazebos
The Baby Gazebo is our most versatile and portable gazebo available. Setup and teardown are practically effortless due to our modular assembly system and with our durable digitally printed vinyl your graphics will stay sharp and vibrant for years. Easy instructions for setup, teardown, storage and cleaning are included with every gazebo we sell.

PACKAGES INCLUDE: furniture grade PVC framework,assembled bottom folding frame, FDA approved marine grade counters, unprinted marine vinyl top & skirt, heavy duty softside carrying cases.

Baby Gazebo Package (3 Counters):
BG201 $2,260
With full digital printing $3,760
Baby Gazebo Deluxe Package (5 Counters):
BG251 $2,690
With full digital printing $4,190
Digital Printing:
PDBGFULL Baby Gazebo Top & Skirt $1,500
PDBGTP-3 3 Baby Gazebo Top Panels $455
PDBGTP-6 Baby Gazebo Top $800
PDBGS Baby Gazebo Skirt $700
PDBGD Baby Gazebo Door Skirt $260
ACBG130W Under Counter Shelf (Each) $64
ACBG151U Rear Door & Skirt $175
AC111 Adjustable Cash Box Shelf $64
RRBGSC Shipping Container $1,265
AC101 Stakes & Tie Downs (6) $74
AC102 Sandbags (6) $74
AC170 Caster Set (23) $195
AC175 Caster Set (27) $230
EZCARTBG E-Z-Cart $500

Download Assembly Instructions

Download Artwork Pdf

Hexagon with one opening
Widest Point: 8ft. 6in. (2.6m)
Center Height: 8ft. (2.4m)
Counter Height: 38in. (.97m)
Counter Size 19in. x 48in. (.47m x 1.2m)
Baby Gazebo: 182 lbs. (83 kg)
Baby Deluxe: 225 lbs. (102 kg)

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